How to choose the best yoga mat?

Here are some pieces of advice that will help you buy the best yoga mat. The thickness of the mat is important when you want to buy yoga mat, out of various reasons.

Yoga is probably the best way to keep fit and reduce stress, and the best part about it is that it can be done at home. There are numerous videos online, which can help you learn the basic postures, or you can take a few yoga lessons. But after you get the moves, you can easily enjoy it anywhere. At home, in your backyard, park, beach, in any area where you can have a few quiet moments on your own. Still, even if you can do yoga anywhere, you need at least one item to help you enjoy it comfortably and securely. It is the yoga mat, your support that will allow you to perform any movement and exercises. Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of offers when it comes to yoga mats? Do you find it difficult to pick one?

Here are some pieces of advice that will help you buy the best yoga mat.




The thickness of the mat is important when you want to buy yoga mat, out of various reasons. For instance, one that is too thin may be uncomfortable for your knees and elbows, and one that it too thick may not give you good stability while standing up.

Also, the thicker the mat will get, the more space it will occupy when it comes to storing it and carrying it around. So you must have in mind how you wish to use it and where you can put it when you don’t do yoga. In case you don’t mind carrying a mat that is bit heavier than usual, but it offers you a fair degree of comfort, then opt for the ¼ inch thick mat.

thickness of yoga mat


 The material is another criteria when it comes to picking the best yoga mat. Some may be allergic to latex, so it is best to opt for a PVC yoga mat. But, if you want it to be eco-friendly, then avoid the PVC and choose cotton, jute, or recycled rubber.

PVC is the most durable and offers a good degree of sponginess while cotton and jute are more rigid. Besides the material, the texture may also interest you before you buy yoga mat. For mats that do not allow slipping, the jute, cotton or rubber ones are perfect, as it doesn’t matter how much you will sweat. But if you like your mat to be smooth, then the PVC will be the best choice.



Also, nothing may be more important than price. You must decide how much you wish to spend on the yoga mat. Prices may vary from $24.99, and below, and go even past $100. A PVC yoga mat may be the cheapest, but if you want qualities like particular designs, an anti-microbial property, and other premium features, be prepared to pay more.

But, after all, you must find a style that fits your personality. So go for the colors, patterns and designs you like best if they meet your requirements. So you see, when it comes to finding the best yoga mat, there are many things you should consider, before making the purchase.

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