Carrying your yoga mat can never be that easy

The Mat Sak matches with almost all the mats in the market. That is because it has a length of 28” and possesses extra wider space of 8.3” diameter.


Carrying your yoga mat can be difficult at times if you do not have the proper medium with you. This is where you should seek the assistance of a good carrier that has multiple options. Concerning the convenience of fitness lovers and the fashionable desires, Aurorae presents the Mat Sak. The Mat Sak by Aurorae is a great assist for you in carrying your favorite yoga mat.

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The Mat Sak matches with almost all the mats in the market. That is because it has a length of 28” and possesses extra wider space of 8.3” diameter. The shoulder straps of the Mat Sak are adjustable and therefore matches with anybody. The inner space of this carrier is good enough to store almost all the mats that are available in stores.

It will also enable you to carry some accessories because of the adequate space inside the bag. You can store your mobile phone or any other accessory in the large cargo pocket that comes with a Velcro flap. This pocket is ideal to store the items you should access quickly. Apart from that, adding more value to the storage capacity, there is a zipper pocket to hold your valuables assuring no falling out.

The specifications of the Aurorae Mat Sak is as follows

  • The Sak is made of 100% 8 1/2oz Cotton Premium Ring Spun Denim in Midnight and Vintage finishes. All the colors of the sak are Durable, the material is Heavy-Duty Polyester
  • It comes with a large Cargo pocket with a Velcro flap. An addition to that there is an outer cell phone pocket to store your mobile phone.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Additional Zipper Pocket with good security to hold your valuables without falling out
  • 28" Long and therefore fits with almost all the mats
  • Extra wide inner space to fit your accessories, comes with a drawstring closure too
  • Ideal for those who have a practical approach with a sense of Fashion

The Mat Sak is stylish. There is no doubt about it. It comes with extremely attractive colors like Vintage Wash, Stone washed worn denim, broken in like your favorite pair of jeans; Midnight Wash, Power Washed Dark Denim to a soft hand to maintain a deep rich indigo color. All these colors are durable and therefore no risk of fading away. The high quality material of the Mat Sak is extremely durable. It is made of heavy duty polyester to last long and withstand hard uses. Although the material is durable, it comes with a light weight making is easy for the user to carry here and there. When you need to clean it, you do not need to worry about hand cleaning. The Mat Sak from Aurorae is completely machine washable.

Adding more details to the style, the logo of the Aurorae Mat Sak is embroidered on the sack. In fact, that represents the quality and the great service from Aurorae. 


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