9 Precious Tips for a New Traveler

You should be prepared to see customs and habits very different from what you are used to. But do understand that you visit different nations, with different cultures. 

Are you ready to explore the world? That’s great, but before starting your new endeavor, you need to have some details in mind first. If you never traveled too far away from home, you may not entirely prepared to face a long term traveling experience. The following lines were made not because you won’t handle the experience because we think you will do just fine, but more to ease the load of having all the necessary things prepared and to keep you safe from trouble. Traveling can be a great experience, so the following tips are precisely made to reduce the nervousness of this next step you are making.


Make plans ahead - It is great to have some plan when you are thinking about traveling. You need to establish a route, like where you will go and what your main objectives are. Of course, you can always stray a bit if you find something more interesting, so it doesn’t need to be a strict itinerary. But if you plan to see several countries, it is good to know which ones, because you might need to get visas, vaccines or other permits to enter the country. Thus, a bit of research is always welcomed. 

accomodationBook your accommodation - Once you know where you will travel to, you can easily book your accommodation online. With the help of technology, you can easily make this happen, and have no surprises when you reach your destination. You don’t have to book accommodation in all the countries you are planning to stay, right from the start. But it is good to do it at least for the first country you will visit. See how things go and how much you manage to visit and experiment, and when you feel like moving on, you can do the next booking. The Internet now is available almost anywhere.

Get traveling insurance - It may be the wisest thing you can do when traveling. Health care systems differ so much from one country to another, so it is best to have a backup made from your home country. It’s not like you have to think that something bad will happen since you can be perfectly fine. But in case you will have a health-related emergency, you will be glad to have that travel insurance with you. For this, you may want to know, approximately, the period you will spend traveling. This is why a plan is good, right from the start, as mentioned previously.


luggagePick a decent size luggage and be careful what you pack - Don’t make the mistake to pack a lot of things with you, because you will probably won’t use all of them. Or they might not be that necessary. The more luggage you have, the more difficult you get around, having to drag with you heavy and large luggage. Instead, go for one with a decent size, which can be handled without too much of a hustle, and pack only things that will help you out. For instance, get the clothes that have multiple functions, get few accessories, which are universal, and shoes should be worn almost with everything you have packed. But don’t take more than two pairs of shoes. Also, even if you visit a warm country, a sweater or jacket won’t harm, because the weather is unpredictable.


Arrive early at the airport - Keep in mind that you will have to be at the airport with approximately two hours before your departure time. It takes a while to have your check it made, inspection of your luggage and papers, so it is advisable to be there in time. Be careful where you put your money and documents, so you won’t lose them or risk damaging them. A useful piece of advice would be to stack a supplementary sum of money somewhere else than your wallet. Wallets can get stolen or lost, so you will be thankful for doing so. Hide them in a sock, on a sewed patch inside your backpack, or anywhere the money will be safe and you will know where you put them.


Meet the people and taste the local food - Don’t be afraid to be friendly and say hello to the people you meet. You may have seen many violent episodes across the world, on TV, but in reality people do have the intension to help you and be nice to you if you are polite and smile. As long as you do nothing wrong, they do not have any interest to treat you bad. Also, meeting the local people can mean better experiences for you. These people know the places better than any guide you will ever pay, so they might show you places and give you information you won’t find in books. Not to mention that tasting the local food with add to your entire experience, offering you a culinary journey as well. 


Be relaxed and open-minded - You should be prepared to see customs and habits very different from what you are used to. But do understand that you visit different nations, with different cultures. So you cannot expect for them to be as people back home are. Do not judge and take life as it is, where you travel, because that is the normality for the people that live there.


Get up early in the morning - Well, since you chose to travel, you probably wish to discover new things. For this, you will have to get up early in the morning and explore as much as you can. An early morning will also allow you to take your time, and not rush, leaving you to enjoy all the time spent in a particular place. And it is not advisable to rush because you need to take photos and document every amazing thing that comes your way.


Don’t forget to be flexible - It is good to have a plan, but don’t panic if in reality the plan won’t work exactly as you picture it. Be flexible and adapt the situation you are facing. After all, you are doing something out of pleasure, not out of obligation, so stress should not be present in your traveling.

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