What kind of luggage bag should you buy for traveling?

Traveling abroad can at times be stressful between trying to find a good price on airline tickets (or train) and making sure you have the appropriate luggage to get there with all of your needs.

One thing you want to keep in mind if you have to buy luggage when it comes to traveling is you want to find something that is sturdy, but isn’t going to cost you out the wallet. Airlines aren’t going to charge you for the expensive set of luggage you bought or even for the fancy designs on them. Both airlines and trains charge based on weight so it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re not only meeting the size requirements for those you carry on, but the weight requirements for the bags you check in to avoid further fee’s and penalties.

Furthermore, you need to know how to choose the best luggage for your need. A great way to get quality luggage for a good price and that will last is check for sales. Which no luggage is notoriously cheap, you can find a decent set for typically a good price at certain stores. It’s a good idea to find a set that includes a bag that can be used as a carry on which is always a courtesy service that airlines and trains alike offer. However, keep in mind that it must be able to fit under the seat or if there is adequate room, in an overhead compartment. For bags that you will be checking in you want to try and go as small as possible, but without compromising your space.

Other great things to keep in mind are children’s carry-on luggage. For anyone who is traveling with young children and are looking for a few extra ways to save money, here is a great life hack. While traveling light in your check in bags which often give you more, the more people that are traveling in your group, this also means you can use the children’s carry-on luggage cases for means of entertainment on those long flights, store clothes in them to avoid fines and penalties for going over your weight limit, or just to have some extra bags for bringing back presents and mementos from your trip. Most airlines will not provide blankets and pillows or at least not for free, so this is another great thing their luggage can be used for—comforts from home.

A few last tips that we came up with that can help you when traveling is try and find a set of luggage that is not only cheap, but that has wheels too. Nothing is worse than navigating through a busy airport trying to haul heavy luggage. The wheels make it easier to move and with an extendable handle bar you’ll be gliding out and on your way in no time. Some bags have an additional feature that come with a strap that allows you to attach some smaller bags which also allows for hands free transport, great for parents with young ones.

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