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Neck pain is a common health issue especially among the adults. The main cause of the neck pain is bad posture. It may radiate into your shoulders or down into your arms and make you to wake up after a nap with a stiff neck perhaps associated with a headache too.


In general, an average person spends one-third of the life time in bed, sleeping. Apart from sleeping on the bed, almost all the travelers prefer to catch up some sleep during long haul travels. It is a smarter way of getting the most needed rest before the event ahead you are heading to. Needless to say, maintaining proper posture is extremely vital during these naps too. This is where a traveler should seek the assistance of the best travel pillow for long haul flights and avoid the possible neck strains and stiff necks. 

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Here’s how the best travel pillow for long haul flights helps you to prevent possible health issues. There are seven bones in your neck altogether. These bones form the cervical spine. There are spongy cervical disks to provide protection to the bones with the help of the muscles and tendons. The cervical spine has a gentle curvy shape which is known as the lordotic cervical curve. If one loses his natural neck position for a long period, like resting or sleeping with a bent or extended neck, it would case a considerable amount of stress on the spine. Ultimately, this will result an annoying neck pain. When you use a pillow to maintain the natural posture, you get easily get rid of the neck pain and wake up happily with no pain.

The Travel Pillow by J Pillow has all the characteristics to be the best travel pillow for long haul flights. The comfort and the relief it causes is proven by many sources. It was the winner of British Invention of the year 2013 because of the unique and innovative design it holds. This travel pillow has reputation to be the consistently #1 BEST SELLING TRAVEL PILLOW IN THE U.K, FRANCE, ITALY & SPAIN with over 2,000 further product reviews providing an astonishing high user rating.

It can stop your head from falling forward especially when you try to catch up some sleep during long and tiresome journeys. The design is perfect because of its ingenious chin support.  It has the ability of supporting the neck and keeping your head elevated in perfect position for restful sleep. This best travel pillow for long haul flights is ideal for home use too. You can use it when relaxing on the sofa or reading in bed. If you need to sleep upright for medical reasons, or post operation, you can use this pillow as a great support. It is completely machine washable and therefore no need to worry about cleaning it. The pillow is extremely easy to carry using the snap loop fastener attached. It can even be compressed down smaller than most of the conventional “U” shapes pillows.

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