How to find Amazon secret bargains? And what's the tool?

Let's talk about the widget first. It is a tool that using the same concept to perform the bargain search in Amazon based on the discount rate.

Everyone wants to save money on Amazon. Here I will reveal a money saving tip for finding the Amazon’s secret bargain at the price up to 99% off. In fact, Amazon always offer discounts greater than 75% but instead it directs people to those high profit margin products.

Fortunately, by deciphering Amazon’s web URL we are able to tweak Amazon to displays the bargain basement for you! You should do nothing more than fiddle web address code, which help you search for these heavily-reduced bargains.

The question right now is: How to do that?

Well, you can either amend the URL manually by following the guideline in this article, or utilize our own developed widget “Amazon Secret Bargain” to generate the bargain search result instantly.

Let's talk about the widget first. It is a tool that using the same concept to perform the bargain search in Amazon based on the discount rate. The beauty of this tool is that with the help of simple javascript, it can automatically amend the URL for you and then redirect you to Amazon site for surfing the bargain basement. All you need to do is to select the product category and the discount rate you looking for, then press search button and that’s it! The widget is available at our right sidebar, so you could have a try and share your thought of this tool.

Amazon secret bargain tool


Okay, so what is the technique behind? And how if you prefer to get it done manually?
First, you need to understand how Amazon organizes all its web pages. Amazon is using browse nodes to identify specific pages and product categories. This means every product category has own unique browse node, for example the category “Electronic” appear as such in address bar:

The node number is always after ‘node=’, which in this case is 172282 and it is unique code for this particular category. This number is important as it helps you to find all the bargains in chosen category. Below is a list of category node numbers I been used in “Amazon Secret Bargain” tool and I do believe it covers pretty much of the available categories.

amazon node numberamazon node number


To apply these node number, simply type the node number after

in the address bar. Your browser will then directs you to that specific category page.

However, this is not our final goal yet. The next step is to tell Amazon to display all the bargains in that particular category. For instance, if you looking for items more than 75% off, simply apply this code after the node number.


Therefore, the complete URL should be :

the number “75-99” means “Discount from 75% to 99%”, where you can put in any number to indicate any discount rate.

Well, now is the time to practices!

Uhm…how if we want to find items in “Toys and Games” with more than 50% off?

Scroll down for the answer!

Got it right? Well enjoy your shopping :)

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