Excel VBA For Dummy #1: Enable Developer Tab In Microsoft Excel Toolbar

You must have your Developer Tab enabled in order to write or run macros that you previously recorded, or even create applications for Microsoft Office programs. Follow the instruction below for enabling Developer Tab in your Excel.


 If you're running in Excel 2007


  1. Click the round Office button and then select Excel Options at the bottom.
    Step1: enable developer tab in excel 2007
  2. An Options dialogue box will then appeared, click on Popular and then select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box.
    Step2: enable developer tab in excel 2007



If you're running in Excel 2010 0r 2013 


  1. Click the File menu and then select Options.
  2. An Options dialogue box will then appeared, click on Customize Ribbon on the left side.
  3. From the right section, you will then see "Customize the Ribbon". Under "Main Tabs" check the box for Developer.
    enable developer tab in excel 2010

Well, You've now enable the Developer Tab for you to bring up the Visual Basic Editor (VBA), run macros & record macros. In the next Chapter, I'll show you how to utilize the VBA editor for developing your first Excel Application.

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