How to add Numbered Page Navigation widget for Blogger (with Auto Code Generator)

Without page numbering, blog visitors may encounter the difficulty to know the total number of posts with terrible navigating experience.

There are a lot of Blogger widgets out there to make your blog looks more attractive and professional, adding the numbered page navigation must be one of that, and probably the most wanted! As you may already noticed, in Blogger/Blogspot, once the total posts number exceeding the maximum number to display per page, you will see the default navigation links such as “Older post” and “Newer post” in home page footer.

This is because Blogger does not have page numbering function for page navigation. Without page numbering, blog visitors may encounter the difficulty to know the total number of posts with terrible navigating experience, as they are not able to jump from page to page, or to a specific page.

Therefore, it would be great if you have a nice looking page navigation in your blog. As it displays your blog posts in more systematic manner, eye catching, and user friendly. Among many of the tutorials and guidelines been shared throughout the internet, I prefer the one developed by helplogger with 7 styles available for your choice.

Anyhow, the widget itself is nice, but it might be a little complicated for beginner to adding it into blog. As it requires one to know how to modify your Blogger template, finding the correct code, and able to follow instruction without any mistake.

In view of this, by applying our knowledge at Excel VBA, we are able to create a Macro to modify your Blogger template automatically, to incorporate the Numbered page navigation widget onto your template. With only one click button, you can easily add this awesome widget to your blog!

page navigation macro 




You can download the Excel Macro here: Click Here 


What’s inside the Macro

  • An user form allows user to enter XML Blogger template
  • Automatic install Numbered Page Navigation widget to the template
  • Option to select navigation style
  • Option to configure number of posts per page
  • Option to configure number of page to be displayed
  • Option to configure the anchor text for First Post
  • Option to configure the anchor text for Last Post
  • Option to configure the anchor text for Previous Post
  • Option to configure the anchor text for Next Post
  • A button for user to COPY the modified template coding




There are 7 styles as below for you to choose:

 numbered page navigation



Installation Steps:


  1. Open the Excel file and remember to choose "Enable the content" if "Enable Content" Security Warning pop up.
  2. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML. Click anywhere inside the code area and press the CTRL + A to select the entire code, then press the CTRL + C to copy all code.
  3. Now back to the Excel Macro, paste the code into the top text-area.
  4. Choose the style you preferred, you can leave the default configuration or make any changes you want.
  5. Click the Modify Template button.
  6. Click "Copy to clipboard" button, back to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML and replace the entire code with the code you've copy.
  7. Save it & you're done!

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