Wooden or plastic marble runs? ? How do we choose?

There are basically two main material types used to manufacture marble run play sets. They are plastic and wood. Each material has its own uniqueness over the other.

Marble runs are perfect educational toys for kids. They provide a great amount of adventurous excitement while increasing the creativity. Although marbles runs are rates as kids’ educational toys, they are great source of excitement even for adults. Because of the large amount of models and brands with different materials exist in the market, you will find it hard to select the best marble run play set. This is a quick reference for you to consider in selecting the best marble run play set. This guidance is composed utilizing the experience and the knowledge of various marble run manufacturers and feedbacks of the parents who have already bought marble run play sets.

There are basically two main material types used to manufacture marble run play sets. They are plastic and wood. Each material has its own uniqueness over the other. Some of these characteristics are benefits while others are drawbacks comparatively.

68pcs marble run play set

When to buy plastic marble play sets
  • It is friendlier to your budget comparing to wooden marble run play sets. Simply, if you have allocated an amount less than $100, you should go for a plastic marble run.
  • If you do not have plans to expand the marble run set, plastic play sets are the ideal solution other than going for a wooden one. Plastic play sets may work fine with the standard or the built-in features.
  • It is ideal for your kids if it is the first experience of a construction type play set for them. There are various mishaps can take place during the process of constructions if they are not familiar. Therefore, it is better to get them a plastic set until they get familiar with the toy and build an interest.
  • If your child gets bored with toys easily, it is better to go for plastic ones other than selecting an expensive wooden one at first.

Disadvantages of plastic marble runs
  • Plastics are less durable than the wooden ones. They are less compatible for hard use and expansions.

wooden marble runs

When to buy wooden marble play sets
  • If you have planned a budget over $100 to spend on a marble set, your selection should be a wooden marble play set. By nature, wooden parts are expensive.
  • If you are looking for a long term investment on a marble play set, you need to go for a wooden set. Wooden marbles run sets are made to be durable than plastic ones
  • Wooden marble runs are good for hard use than the plastic ones. Therefore, if your child gets a little rough with the toys you need to consider buying a wooden play set
  • Wooden play sets are extremely helpful in boosting the creativity. They are little heavy in make and kid will enjoy the physical feeling of the toy.
  • Wooden marble runs are compatible to upgrade. If you have future plans on expanding the set, go for a marble run made of wood.

Disadvantages of wooden marble runs
  • Expensive than the plastic ones. Not suitable for first time users.

These facts will be helpful for you in buying your next marble run play set for your child.


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