Quercetti Skyrail Suspension Marble Run Review

The marble run has no less than 310 pieces, which will mean that it will keep your young one busy for a while.

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The season of presents is almost here, and you don’t have a clue what to wrap as a gift for your child? Well, fret no more and check out the Quercetti Skyrail Suspension Marble Run. If you have a kid that loves discovering new things and crafting toys from whatever he is finding around the house, this marble run toy may be the best gift you can make. Read the following lines if you want to make sure that this is the best thing to get for your child. But, beware, because the marble run toy can be so fun that can even be suitable for the child spirit in each grownup. So don’t be afraid to offer it as a gift for an adult that enjoys having fun and being creative.

Quercetti Skyrail Suspension Marble Run
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The marble run toy has no less than 310 pieces, which will mean that it will keep your young one busy for a while. When put together, these pieces will sum up 12 yards of track where the marbles will run free. It is also 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall, so yes, it can be quite an imposing structure, both for a child and for an adult. The package will also include 13 marbles because the length of the track will allow multiple marbles to run on it at the same time, and 36 of track pieces that glow in the dark. It already sounds great, and it is not even installed yet. But because of its dimension and complexity, and because it has small pieces that can be swallowed easily, the marble run toy is recommended for kids that are 8 years old or even older. For the kids that are 6 or 7 years old, a bit of assistance from the grownups may be needed to complete the track. 

Quercetti is an Italian toy manufacturer with a reputation for making high-quality toys. But the toys made by this company are not only made for fun, as they are designed to stimulate the child’s mental development, creativity, analytical thinking, by offering an exciting time as well. Also, the company loves creating toys that can be reinvented, without the risk of the child getting bored of them quickly. So this marble run can be created and recreated according to the imagination and inspiration of your child. The suspensions are adjustable so that the track can be lowered or raised, and the pieces can be put together to form something else each time your child wishes to experiment a different type of track. 




  • Durable and flexible, the track will offer countless hours of fun;
  • Encourages creativity, by allowing the child to put the pieces together the way he likes;
  • The high number of parts mean new creations each time the current track is no longer attractive;
  • Very high-quality for the paid price;


  • The lengthy track will require some space when it is being built;
  • Younger children, around the age of 6, may require adult supervision to avoid accidents;
  • It is not recommended for children younger than 6 years old;
  • It may be a bit more expensive than classic marble tracks.

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