Quadrilla wooden marble railway with music motion

There are different little xylophone keys included in different building pieces of this special Marble run to provide beautiful bits of music while playing with marbles.


Marble run play sets are great toys for kids to improve their educational skill set while experiencing unlimited fun and joy. There are various marble run play sets in the market with various brands and models. It might be little tricky for you in selecting the most appropriate marble run for your child because of this variety. Among this huge variety, products like Quadrilla Music Motion from Hape, stands ahead in the competition due to various reasons.

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The main specialty of this product is its Music Motion feature. There are different little xylophone keys included in different building pieces of this special Marble run to provide beautiful bits of music while playing with marbles. It can be considered as a perfect upgrade for a product like this. In addition to the thrill and excitement, it delivers while developing kids’ skills, the aesthetic value of the product is increased because of this feature.  When the marble rolls along the path your child created, it will output a beautiful music because of the smartly placed musical chimes with wooden rails.

Hape Quadrilla Music Motion Marble Run is known as the ultimate marble run because of the endless opportunities it provides to increase the creativity of the child. Innovative thinking, engineering skills and patience of the child will be tested and maximized in an exciting way with this wonderful product.



As a Marble run play set, Hape Quadrilla is built exceptionally well with the top quality wooden pieces. Because of the added music motion feature the builders can now be even more creative with their engineering work. By arranging these elegant wooden pieces in different ways, kids can make beautiful tunes. If not, they can arrange them in a crazy manner to output a crazy noise. It is all about the creativity.

Adding more value to this exceptional product, it is made to be compatible with other Quadrilla Marble Runs sets too. Which means you can combine this masterpiece with other marble run sets for more excitement and fun.

Talking about the materials of the product, it is perfectly crafted with heirloom quality birch and rubber wood. The xylophone keys are manufactured with high quality metal for long-lasting musical marble fun. All the Hape wooden marble runs are made to be child safe and this excellent product is no exception from that standard. Assuring the child safe attributes, all the components of this masterpiece are made with FSC accredited wood products.


  • Music Motion includes little xylophone keys built into different building pieces
  • Quadrilla is the Ultimate Marble Run Building Set
  • Endless possibilities for 3-dimensional thinking, creating captivating structures
  • All the components are made to be non-toxic, child safe and highest quality
  • Constructed using FSC accredited wood products


  • There are no noticeable drawbacks for the moment

At the bottom line, Hape Quadrilla Music Motion is one of the most creative products that can ensure your child to experience endless excitement. All the wooden pieces are durable and child safe. The motion music feature is a great thing to set this item ahead of the competitor products.

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