Quadrilla wooden Loop de Loop marble run set review

Loop de Loop is one of the best Marble Runs ever produced concerning the features it delivers. This play set comes with a special funnel that is equipped with two entrances.

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Toys are amazing. They come in different forms to provide excitement and joy for users. There are very few toys that provide knowledge and education coupled with excitement. Loop de Loop Marble railway from Quadrilla is such wonderful toy that is made to boost the creativity and the engineering skills of the child while providing excellent and unlimited fun.

Loop de Loop is one of the best Marble Runs ever produced concerning the features it delivers. This play set comes with a special funnel that is equipped with two entrances. The player can feed the marbles from both of those entrances and go head to head towards the destination. Large variety of components is there to form different paths with various attributes. This path may contain highways and byways which bring an amazing excitement to the player. Loop de Loop is perfectly combinable with the other sets of marble runs for additional fun and unlimited excitement. With Loop de Loop you can create a skyscraper of a marble run toy because of this integration feature.

Quadrilla wooden Loop de Loop marble run
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Taking about the materials, Quadrilla's Loop de Loop is perfectly crafted with heirloom standard birch and rubber wood that guarantee years of durability. All the components are finished to be non-toxic and child safe maintaining the highest standards with Hape’s reputation. There are 129 pieces are included in this set. All these wooden parts are FSC accredited assuring the safety of the user.

The parts are made to fit perfectly to each other in the event of reassembling. Because of that precise match, the entire Marble Railway features a perfect stability which is an essential feature for perfect function.



The specialty of this particular toy is that its ability to teach your kids various theories together with the excitement. This is a great way of relaxing their mind and unleashing their creativity other than letting them to addict to everyday PC games or smartphones.

Although the play set is manufactured for kids, even the adults can enjoy the excitement without any restriction. Unlimited variations will make you an adventurous person step by step. The possibilities with this particular educational toy are endless.

The relaxation it brings to your mind is amazing. The inspiration created through this Loop de Loop rail run will bring the best out of you. Your kids will start to think innovatively and start to respond quickly once they spend some time with this amazing masterpiece of marble run toy.


  • Loop de Loop combines hairpin turns with high-energy speed using straight and curved rails, a seesaw and 10 power-boosting accelerators
  • Quadrilla is the Ultimate Marble Run Building Set
  • Endless possibilities for 3-dimensional thinking, creating captivating structures
  • Hape Toy finishes are all non- toxic, child safe and of the highest quality, Hape constructs their toys using FSC accredited wood products
  • Intermediate level, ideal as a gift for ages 6 years and up. (Manufacturer recommended aged 4+ years)


  • None

Loop de Loop is probably the best marble run play set in the market. It is smartly designed to unleash the creativity within your child and make his day with lots of excitement. All the parts are made with top quality durable materials for longer life span. A perfect gift for kids over 4 years.

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