Quadrilla's Vertigo marble run review

If your child is 4 years old, or even older, you can easily pick this toy for him. You should not worry, because the pieces of the marble run are completely safe, being non-toxic and of high-quality.

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Here is a toy that will never bore your child, always be fun and stimulate his creativity. If you are looking for ages for a toy that is attractive enough to keep your kid away from the TV or computer, and also allow him to play quietly inside, then you must check out the following toy we found.

It is a marble run toy, made entirely out of wooden pieces, with railways and other incredible shapes and pieces that will make fun creative and catchy in the same time. Look no more, as you probably found the best toy for your children. Besides the rails, it also has three spirals, to make things even more interesting. So yes, it is much more interesting than the average marble run you see in all shops. But this is exactly what makes it go great for kids. You can’t fail if you choose it.

Quadrillas Vertigo marble run
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The best part about the Hape - Quadrilla - Vertigo - Marble Railway is that its pieces can be matched in a multitude of options, the final creations being different all the time. So it really offers a wide diversity of structures your child can enjoy, if he uses his imagination in their creation. Thus, it is an educational toy, not only one made entirely just for entertainment.

Manufacturer recommended aged for this marble run run toy is 4+ years old, however we categorized it as "Intermediate" Level (6 to 10 years old), so if your child is 6 years old, or even older, you can easily pick this toy for him. You should not worry, because the pieces of the marble run are completely safe, being non-toxic and of high-quality. The only thing you should watch for is for your child to avoid putting the marbles inside his mouth, if you know he has this habit. Otherwise, the toy has only FSC accredited wood products in its composition.

The manufacturer, Hape, had the purpose in creating a toy that also develops the skills of the child. The sensory, physical, and emotional skills can all be developed in a fun way while playing with this toy. Using only natural materials and water-based paints, Hape is a leader when it comes to providing safe toys for children to enjoy. Thus, it is one of the best investments you can make, out of many reasons. Some parents even admitted to feeling themselves attracted to the marble run toy, playing with it after they put the child to be. Yes, it is that addictive, because it offers a wide range of motions while the marble is spinning, dropping, sliding, in the intricate ways of the marble run.


It comes, of course, with proper instructions for using and building advice, so you may have to read them to your child until he gets the hang of it. The wooden pieces are exceptionally stable, and there isn’t a way to put them together in a wrong manner, risking for the structure to collapse. They are made to be used only in a correct way that will make playing safe. And safety plus fun is the best combination a parent will always look in a toy.


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