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The basic specifications of the PowerWing Razor scooters are as follows. These kids’ scooters are classified as Fun trick scooter that has got pair of rear caster wheels for optimal results.


Do you want to surprise your ever loving kid with an exciting gift? Do you want to let your kids to experience a thrilling fun? Here is the best option. Buy them a Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter. It is the dream of every kid. These awesome Razor scooters will surely give your kids wings. It is totally a ripping side-to-side riding experience.

Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter can take riding to a whole new level. It is a kick scooter packed with thrill and fun. You can see the excitement on the face of the kid when he travels with this wonderful piece of equipment. Kids like the radical ways of pleasure and PowerWing kid scooters can fulfil that dream perfectly.

Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter
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These three wheel scooters for kids are usually powered by the rider. It is so simple: after getting on board, your kid can power this amazing kick scooter just by moving their body side to side and it is all about moving rapidly. Kids can master the sideways drifting with this scooter pretty easily. Apart from that, practicing 3600 spin is very easy and smooth. Once jumped on board, kids will spend a whole lot of time with this Razor scooter because it delivers that much of joyfulness.


This free style “fun machine” is suitable for kids of age 06 and above. It can withstand a maximum weight of 143 pounds, and therefore no need to worry about the strength. Although you buy the extreme fun machine that provide no exception to disobey the rules pertaining to security of public. Therefore, although the fun acts with these kid scooters are limitless, the buyer and the rider are bond and responsible to obey all the local, state and federal rules and regulations related to riding and using of all the razor scooters. The basic specifications of the PowerWing Razor scooters are as follows. These kids’ scooters are classified as Fun trick scooter that has got pair of rear caster wheels for optimal results. The caster wheels included has the ability to propel the scooter just with a twist of the feet of the rider.

PowerWing Razor scooters are ideal for performing kick-outs, side drifts, and spin-outs easily. All these kick scooters are made with durable and strong steel frame for long life span. Its 125mm front wheel with handbrake system is made with durable polyurethane to withstand hard use. It perfectly fits for kids of age 06 and older and withstands a maximum weigh of 143 pounds. The dimensions of this elegantly made kick scooter is 30 X 22 X 31.5 inches (Length X Width X Height).

PowerWing three wheel scooters for kids is a perfect gift for active and outgoing young ones. It is good to improve their outdoor skills like swiftness and reflexions. It is a good thing to encourage kids to involve in outdoor activities other than tolerating them to be inside the house. It improves their mental and physical health. When used with proper precautions, PowerWing Razor scooters are safe and reliable.

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