How to choose the right marble runs for you kids


It was made to use the thinking capacities of the child, since pieces of different sizes and shapes, just like a puzzle, need to be put together

Marble run toys are incredible toys for your children, allowing them to be creative, giving them the chance to create their toy and help them have a great time as well. If you think this is just an old fashioned toy, think again. It was made to use the thinking capacities of the child, since pieces of different sizes and shapes, just like a puzzle, need to be put together, in order for the child to enjoy playing with the toy. So, when can your child start playing with marble runs? Well, the manufacturers of these toys recommend that the child is at least 4 years old. After all, he or she must be able to pick the pieces and put them together, even if you are helping the child out. But, there are many types of marble runs, specially made to fit ages and requirements.


For instance, for a smaller child, like 4 years old or a little bigger, who never experienced such a toy, it is best to choose a marble run toy with not so many pieces. And if the pieces have a larger dimension than usual, it is even better, since the child can easier spot them and make the connection faster. But again, he might need your support at this if it is his first experience with marble runs. If your child is familiar with games like Lego, or other building blocks, then he might figure the marble run faster. For children that are a bit older, and already seem to figure out every toy you give them, feel free to opt for more complex marble runs. There are marble run toys that have over 200 pieces, which will certainly keep your child busy. The pieces may be slightly smaller, but not small enough to pose any danger for your child.

how to choose marble run

You know your child best, but don’t opt for too difficult marbles run, with a high number of pieces and intricate design, because he will get bored not being able to put it all together and play with it. Also, for smaller children, you can find simple marble runs made out of wooden pieces. A marble run toy made in the shape of a tree is a toy very easy to play with, and the wooden pieces are entirely safe, using dyes that are not toxic. Still, do keep an eye constantly on your child, to avoid any accidental swallowing of the marbles. Most marble run toys are made out of plastic materials because they are light and will not harm the child when playing with them. Usually, these are not fragile toys, giving children the joy to play with them years in a row. But to ensure that the used material are top quality, always go for a provider with a good reputation in the children toy world. In the end, the creativity and difficulty set by a marble run stand in the shape of the final structure of the toy. And you will have plenty to choose from since they do come in all sizes and shapes.

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