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The purpose of this toy is to allow your kid to create a path for marbles to roll. Galt Super Marble Run construction set comes with 60 elegant pieces giving your kid unlimited opportunities to create different paths.

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There are various toys in the market with different features and complexities. Some are just toys with no creativity needed to play with. But there are some exceptional toys in the market to allow kids to unleash their creativity while playing. Marble Run Toy set from Galt America is such toy to make your kids super excited during the play and provides them a good education about hand-eye coordination, creativity, and being strategic.

Galt super marble run
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The purpose of this toy is to allow your kid to create a path for marbles to roll. Galt Super Marble Run construction set comes with 60 elegant pieces giving your kid unlimited opportunities to create different paths. They can build paths with various shapes, slopes and sizes thanks to the smartly designed components. In general kids will love to build snaking and twisting paths that makes the marbles disappear into columns at a moment and appear next moment in another place. Kids can make these marbles to drop into a spinning rotary and make the path more exciting. They can create multiple smaller courses and rapidly move the marbles along those paths. If not, depending on their wish, kids can create a single huge path where various obstacles to come across. Both these options deliver an unlimited amount of excitement.



These pieces are made of high quality durable plastic materials which are certified to be safe. They come in multi-color to make things look much exciting. The total play set includes 9 chutes, 9 curves, 24 tubes, 6 bases, 1 snake pass, 1 rotary drop, 1 paddle wheel, 1 roundabout and 8 marbles.

Because of the smart design of the Galt Super Marble run, kids can learn basics of physics, engineering, hand-eye coordination and unleash the creativity while engaging in a fun filled exciting play. Although it is categorized as a kids’ toy, anybody over 36 months can have a great fun out of this perfect toy. In fact, this is a far better way of fun other than getting addicted to a computer game.

All the part of the unit is made with exceptional care and the parts are nicely fitting to each other to provide an amazing stability which is one of the main requirements for a better performance. All the components have gone through safety tests making the unit more reliable.



  • Quality controlled to meet the highest standard
  • Galt products are rigorously tested against toy safety regulations
  • Comprises 9 chutes, 9 curves, 24 tubes, 6 bases, snake pass rotary drop paddle wheel roundabout
  • 8 marbles children can create small simple marble runs or more complex structures with the colorful slot-together
  • The marbles will disappear inside the columns
  • Many hours of fun building a variety of challenging and fascinating alternatives


  • No associated drawback reported for the moment

Galt Super Marble Run is an amazing play set to improve kids’ creativity and engineering skills in the form of a fun filled activity. It is the ideal gift for youngsters during the upcoming holiday season. All the parts are made to be perfectly durable and precise.

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