Milk Thistle, probably the best supplement for liver support

The benefits of taking milk thistle are that this herb, the Mediterranean cousin of the common daisy, has nothing harming or toxic for your liver.

Our liver is probably the most used organ in the body. It filters the toxins and it is very affected by stress, bad eating habits and exaggerated alcohol consumption. But even if you try to eat healthily and do not drink alcohol in a frequent manner, if you have a demanding job, which keep the stress levels elevated, your liver may end up suffering.

Thus, it is best to support it by offering it substances that will help get through all the processes more efficiently and with lower effort. Milk thistle, also known as silymarin, is a widely used supplement for liver protection. The best part about milk thistle is that it is an herb, so it is completely natural and safe. There might be other liver protection supplements on the market, but mostly they contain synthetic compounds.

You know, when you take medicines, the liver is responsible for disposing of the toxic parts of them. Thus, if you take a synthetic product with the purpose of protecting your liver, you won’t do much good, because your liver will have to work again, with no benefits. The benefits of taking milk thistle are that this herb, the Mediterranean cousin of the common daisy, has nothing harming or toxic for your liver. Whether you are suffering from a liver condition, or you just want to keep it protected, supplements made entirely out of milk thistle or silymarin are your best option. It helps the liver by detoxifying it, meaning that it makes its task a bit easier and helps it be cleaner, by not storing any toxic debris.

Milk Thistle

The therapeutic benefits of taking milk thistle are not a recent discovery. The plant has been used as a natural treatment for liver disorders for more than 2,000 years. In modern time, more precisely in the past 40 years, scientific studies proved the fact that this plant is indeed efficient when it comes to helping our liver. Milk thistle is not efficient only in protecting the liver, but also in protecting our body against numerous types of damages. An impressive number of 400 different studies are already recorded in medical databases, having relevant proves that milk thistle contains active compounds that help our liver be better and stay safe from any external aggressions. In Europe, milk thistle is so valued that it is even used as a prescribed medicine.

What is milk thistle useful for? If we are to mention a couple of liver conditions, the herb can help in conditions of alcoholic cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, liver damage induced by alcohol and drugs, acute hepatitis, liver fibrosis and in many other cases. Silymarin, the most active compound extracted from milk thistle, helps by helping the stabilization of cell membranes in the liver, it favors an efficient protein synthesis and supports the regeneration process of the liver. Also, in comparison with other supplements developed for liver protection, silymarin has no side-effects, acting very gently. The worst side-effect that may happen would be a light laxative one. Silymarin is so safe that even pregnant or breastfeeding women can use it with no risks involved.

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