Top 5 common liver diseases

When we fail to take proper care of our liver, or are subjected to an extensive medical treatment, the organ can start to malfunction, leading to liver diseases.


The liver has one of the most difficult tasks in our organism. It has to filter all the toxins, produce bile for the digestion, it has to provide immune factors to keep our body safe, and many other tasks. Thus, if a person can live without one kidney, it would be impossible to live without the liver.

Instead of being cleaned out, all the harmful substances would just linger in our body, leading to illness and death. When we fail to take proper care of our liver, or are subjected to an extensive medical treatment, the organ can start to malfunction, leading to liver diseases. Here are 5 of the most common liver diseases, together with the common liver disease symptoms.


Liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a severe form of liver disease, but unfortunately very common. It appears in people that have problems with alcohol consumption since the illness appears in the late stages of an alcoholic liver disease. What happens is that healthy liver tissue is replaced by fibrous tissue, nodules and scars. The liver will end up losing its entire function and irreversible damage.

The symptoms include fatigue, urine with a dark color, abdominal pain, lack of appetite, nausea, easy bruising, weight loss, weakness and other complications as well. It is crucial to trace this illness promptly and undergo a drastic regime, plus the adjacent medication, to help preserve the remaining healthy part of the liver.


Liver cysts

The liver cyst will appear as a small bubble on your liver, filled with liquid. It is a rather common issue, and it is usually benign, not posing any life threats. But, under certain circumstances, the liver cyst may grow and start creating discomforts. It leads to the enlargement of the liver, infection or obstruction of the bile duct, which will result in cyst infection. A removal or drainage of the cyst is necessary for these circumstances. Unfortunately they do not produce any symptoms, and may be detected during diverse medical tests.


Fatty liver disease

Fatty liver is the first stage of the alcoholic liver disease, and may not show symptoms in the incipient phase. Doctors believe that a series of causes trigger the illness. Also, the symptoms may be faded and unclear, such as fatigue, a dull ache in the right superior part of the abdomen or malaise. Still, it advanced stages, the symptoms become more noticeable. You will lose weight, lose appetite, feel tired all the time, confusion, a dark colored urine, may indicate a liver condition.


Alcoholic liver disease

Alcoholic liver is an illness that appears after years of abusing alcohol. The longer the period in which one consumes alcohol, the greater is the risk to develop the disease and other liver complications. Symptoms may not show until the disease reaches an advanced stage. They usually appear after an episode with heavy drinking. Fever, dry mouth, nausea, loss of appetite, confusion, fever, jaundice, may all be sings of the alcoholic liver diseases, especially in the case of heavy drinking habits.


Liver fibrosis

As the name suggests, fibrous formations start taking place in the liver, replacing healthy liver tissue. They will prevent the blood from circulation adequately through the organ and will diminish in time its functions. Feeling constantly tired, yellow hues in the eyes and skin, easy bruising, dark urine, nausea, lack of appetite, weight loss, tenderness and enlargement of the liver, are all symptoms that may indicate an issue connected to liver fibrosis and other liver conditions.

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