Light up your purse with automatic SOI light

This compact gadget from Brainstream can truly make your life easier because of the smart way it functions. Now it is time to stop worrying about searching, just find them!


We all know the mess of finding small bits and pieces inside a cluttered hand bag or purse, especially when there is no adequate light to assist. It can be your car keys, door keys, your lipstick or anything else you have “LOST” in your own hand bag, it is quite an annoying issue. Understanding this common issue people face over the past time, Brainstream introduces a handy handbag light called SOI putting taking all the mess away. Brainstream is a company that manufactures small yet, strong assortment of products. This characteristic of the company fits the term “fun and functional”. The company started with the inspiration of Rupprecht Gabriel, a German engineer and an entrepreneur.

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This compact gadget from Brainstream can truly make your life easier because of the smart way it functions. Now it is time to stop worrying about searching, just find them! Thanks to the SOI Automatic handbag light from Brainstream, finding your small yet essential pieces is very easy now.  It is a usual thing that things get difficult to being find inside handbags and purses because of the large number of items it contains. Things become more difficult when you do not have the assist of a light source. This is why Brainstream introduced the SOI handbag light, which can be operated almost with no effort. 

Brainstream SOI Handbag/Purse Light with Automatic Sensor

The equipment got a proximity sensor making everything easy for you. Once the device is activated it will emit adequate amount of light for a duration of 10 seconds enabling you to find what you need inside the handbag. After the pre-set 10 seconds, the device will turn off automatically so you do not have to bother about finding a turn off switch. This special and smart sensor doesn’t get activated with the movements of the items inside the bag, but it has the ability to recognize your hand even when you wear winter gloves. Simply it operates with no requirement of switches. The SOI handbag light is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which are good enough to perform overs 6000 cycles. Battery replacement is extremely easy. It is a matter of placing the SOI handbag light on your palm and twisting counter clockwise. Once the shell is opened, you can simply replace the batteries. 

Adding more value, although the product is intentionally designed to use as a handbag light, the SOI is a handy device that can be used as a bed or travel light. The use of a compact light during travelling is extremely vital. SOI is an ideal gift for someone special. They will be surprised with pleasure after realizing how useful it is. It is unique and elegant in design. Moreover, it is highly portable so you do not need to worry about the space it takes in your handbag. If you think of an innovative gift to be presented, SOI handbag light is the ideal one. The product is made in Germany assuring the best output for the entire satisfaction.

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